Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Artist: BETIKA
Title: Heads Smashed In By The Boy/Girl Thing
Format: CD
Label: Superglider (@)
When I was sixteen my brother used to listen to bands such as Pastels, Yeah Yeah Noh, Shop Assistants, Soup Dragons and there was an interesting compilation released by Cherry Red titled "Pillow And Prayers" which gathered bands like: Marine Girls (the first Tracey Thorn's band), Ben Watt (who at the same time teamed with Tracey to form Everything But The Girls), The Nightingales, etc. At that time there were labels like Subway or Creation that were exploring the ground of indie pop or pop wave. It seemed that new wave was dismissing his punk origins just to explore the pop fields, bringing his dark and intimistic vein to new sounds. The acoustic songs of Betika bring me back to those sounds being kinda sad and warm at the same time. At first the band sound included alternative rock textures, samples and other stuff, but due the difficulty of bringing all this on their live shows, they opted for a minimal approach and stripped the music down to a bare skeleton. After the debut as a duo, Dave Purse and Carolyn Evans, met on their path Matt Shaw of Tex La Homa and Chris Reed who shortly decided to join the band. With this line up they recorded the tracks of HEADS SMASHED IN BY THE BOY/GIRL THING, record that saw the light on 2001. Superglider decided to reissue it adding two new songs "Which Way Will I Go" and "Hunting With Dogs". For those of you that already own the six tracks MLP these songs are available to download from the labels website as mp3 files. For those of you who'd like to get the reissue, you won't wait that long, because it will be released at the end of April.


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