Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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-=UHU=-: Return Of Atlantian EP

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Artist: -=UHU=-
Title: Return Of Atlantian EP
Format: CD EP
Label: Sauroid (@)
Rated: *****
After the Noisebrigade release, here's the second electro marked release (code blu) of the Sauroid label. This time they flew to Latvia to bring to you, -=UHU=- (that stands for Universal Human Underground). After the last year 12" EP titled "Electrofunk Systems", -=UHU=- drops a new EP with six tracks influenced by Detroit electro and Kraftwerk. Using mainly analog synth sounds, Gatis Pastars (the guy behind the project), creates a mix of robotic atmospheres with catchy melodies. Chiptune sounds and warm synth waves will warm every lover of pure electro music. From the opening "Base 808" you'll be seduced thanks with distorted pulsating monophonic sounds and hard beats. Mixing mid and fast tempos tunes, Gatis, proposes a balanced track list. Similar to the lost island Atlantian, where civilization probably has a high level of scientific knowledge when compared to the human evolution. The EP includes also a Komarken Electronics remix of "Energum". A track that originally sounded fast and obsessive with catchy lead synth which, with the help of Komarken Electronics, now has turned into a cool mid tempo electro track with bass line arpeggios and sidereal pads. Are you ready to be doomed?
(Proofread by Johan Sebastian Bot)


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