Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: The Stygian (@)
Title: Myths of Forbidden Passages
Format: CD EP
Label: Dungeon Recordings / Backscatter Media (@)
Rated: *****
First off, there isn't too much mysticism featured behind this at least 4 'passages' pressed onto this silver circle, but an unexpected, humorless hard and uncompromising first outlet for this new Utah-based project. THE STYGIAN is the newest mutual project for Kevin J. Cazier (LITTLE SAP DUNGEON) and Trevor Weeks alias Xon (BOUNDLESS, SYMBIONT). Both notorious protagonists are doing their best to avoid obvious comparison to any of their uncountable music project, as THE STYGIAN slows down the speed and adds purest pseudo-aggressive lyrics rather spitted out than sung, all placed in an unfriendly sound-environment. These 3 tracks 'Crawling Inward', 'Killing Time' and 'Web Of Tatarus' (which features some guitar riffs provided by Chris Alvarado) are their first recordings . The music itself consists of thick and ominous sounding lead synth sounds, a hardcoristic bass line-programming, satanic fx-processed vocals, and bombastic rhythm patterns. This isn't stuff for the fainthearted audience, as this uncompromising kind does not take prisoners. Lesser like an European-like Dance-Industrial sound outfit, but rather more with a 'filthy' undertone, in some parts with classic Coldwave-like arranged instruments. Good and promising for the first recordings, while it can not completely judged on them after only three original compositions and an alternative remix version of 'Crawling Inward'. When comes the expected album? .


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