Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Koji Asano (@)
Title: Galaxies
Format: CD
Label: Solstice
Rated: *****
Despite the fact that this is an artist often taken as an example of an hypertrophic production, it tooks him four years for completing this new release.
The impact for this long, 60 minutes, track is demanding because this track reveals a complex structure with layers of field recordings including: insects, cars, various nature sounds that develops from a quiet soundscapes into almost noise territories and ending with a quiet summer soundscapes shored up with the sound of cars passing by. This work is constructed as a work of musique concrete: birds sings used as loops, small noises used to enhance the sound palette and the soundscape evolving slowly as in a process. It sounds like a meditation on what we could listen if not submerged by all the noise of civilization, the recordings of the cars seems frightening and a prelude to something.
This work develops slowly, demanding an immersive and careful listening. Apart from any zen silence, or any bucholic contemplation on wildlife, this is a composition using field recording that is a journey into how noisy nature can be.
A music landscape for adventurous listeners.

p.s.: this album is available also as free download @ www.kojiasano.com


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