Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Title: Recumbent
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Released recently, RECUMBENT is the newest album by Martin Philip and it brings to the attention of synthpop lovers, ten new tracks where you can find the distinctive Martin's smooth vocals (which recalls me of Pet Shop Boys as the last time), nice pop melodies/atmospheres, mid tempo rhythms and clever lyrics where he put his heart on his hands facing the audience. The main difference from "Fraudulent" is that he decided to sweep the dust from his Gretsch Electromatic electric guitar and to use it on these recordings. Composed during the last cold winter, the album finds Martin giving his vision of modern world taking inspiration from things like the lack of freedom (surveillance cameras are everywhere and "My dear illicit" is about that), girls living into a squalid student bedsit ("The opposite girl"), the responsibility of possession ("Carry no cargo") or about the vast contrast between how the world was as he grew up in the 70's compared to what it is today (the opening " Recumbent but never content"). Compared to the previous album I found RECUMBENT more reflective. Maybe, as Martin reported on his website, the fact to find homeless people under his apartment stairway trying to find a shelter, made him think about a lot of things and this album is the result of all this.


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