Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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MetaComplex: Hybrid Enzymes

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Artist: MetaComplex
Title: Hybrid Enzymes
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Auditory Cortex Records
Rated: *****
Out on Auditory Cortex Records as the previous two releases, "Metaverse" EP and the "We will eliminate" single, HYBRID ENZYMES is the latest one by MetaComplex. Coming from Budapest, Hungary, Tamas Olejnik is the man behind MetaComplex and he's also active with the Antendex, Dublicator and Retax Gorgon monikers. The release contains three version of "Hybrid Enzymes": the original tune, the one remixed by Digitizer (they recently released "Computer Controlled", always on Auditory Cortex Records and you can find here on CHAIN D.L.K. its review) and the one remixed by DVS NME (they released a month ago their debut release but on the Greek label Binalog Productions). "Hybrid enzymes" is very cool track which blends rich robotic rhythms, melodic pads and bleeps and mysterious atmospheres. Anyone named Dopplereffekt? Well'¦ they aren't their copy but they shared the same laboratory where they experimented with sounds. Digitizer for their remix decided to keep the main melodies and to add an acid touch on the rhythmic lines, while DVS NME opted for keeping the bit of mystery adding an electro flavor thanks to syncopated drums, some new melodies and a bouncing intermezzo with bass enhanced lines. The track is really nice and remixers didn't change it drastically, they rather personalized it.


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