Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Custodian: Toil and Waste

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Artist: Custodian (@)
Title: Toil and Waste
Format: CD
Label: Syzmic Records (@)
Rated: *****
I had not heard of this artist before I received this disc in the mail. Evidently, this artist hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been putting out stuff since 2008, generally in CDR and cassette tapes ' this seems to be his first major CD release. The label describes this disc as 'Bleak, inhospitable works that flow and mutate between screeching japanese influenced noise, HNW density, and churning industrial loops.' All I know is that this is exactly the kind of noise music I like - straight up in your face wall of noise noise music. Everything is distorted beyond belief and overdriven to the point of sonic destruction. It's crunchy, it's static filled, it sounds like he is destroying everything in his path. Metal clanks and rumbling bass walls. Hell yeah! Out of the three discs Syzmic sent me, this is the one I would say is essential listening for noise aficionados ' no small feat considering he is up against long time noise artists like Inhalant. There are no pretentious titles here ' Just Toil and Waste, parts 1-9. You can get a sense of what you are in for at his website, but really - if you like noise and are looking for the next generation of noise artists, I get the sense that Custodian will be one to watch for. This disc weighs in at around 28 minutes.


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