Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: MikTek
Title: Speculations
Format: CD EP
Label: Abstrakt Reflections (@)
Rated: *****
Not completely a newcomer project, the Greek Electronica musician Mihalis A. can already refer on a digital-only release available on 33Recordings, a Greece-based Electronica/Experimental netlabel, which also brought POORDREAM in collaboration with the too early gone Spectraliquid label to our attention. Mihalis hails from Mytilene (Lesvos Island, Greece) and he has been in touch with music since his young days as being working at a radio station in the age of 16 by mixing his favorite tracks. Also several experiences as a DJ and organizer are slated in his bio. In 2002 he started producing his own sounds under several monikers and under the influence of diverse music styles. With his project MikTek he mixes experimental and deep electronic sounds to provide a Downtempo- and often Ambient-like Electronica-/IDM-sound environment. That fits relatively will with Abstrakt Reflection's ideology, but differs a bit compared to the enthusiastic celebrated APPARENT SYMMETRY ' MikTek moreover created deep drowning Synth layers, quite often with a monotonous and hypnotic impact. Mihalis uses lesser distorted drum/percussion elements, as he seemingly totally trusts in the role of his well worked out synthesized lead sounds. This works at best on 'Dreamlayer' and the collaborative effort 'A Walk In A Cloud 3.0 (with IN A MINDSET)'. MikTek understands it well to entertain the listener with his cinematic sound outfit, even if his kind is rather servicing a more chill-out-like mood. 5 well arranged tracks, the best consumed under a good pair of headphones.


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