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Zeromancer: 27 March 2010

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Live Act(s): Zeromancer
Event Date: 27 March 2010
Type of Event: Big Stage Concert
Venue: Hessenhalle
Rated: *****
Zeromancer, who released a new album entitled The Death of Romance" just recently, are touring as a support act (together with Diary of dreams) for Unheilig. The latter being a German band whose newest album "Grosse Freiheit" stormed the charts this month and obtained the first position. This unexpected success, also among non-gothic audience, drew an unusually high for Giessen number of visitors for a gothic concert. Hessenhallen were sold out and accommodated well over 3 000 fans.
It is no news that Zeromancer can boast with a very diverse audience, ranging from average gothic chaps to stock market workers to whatever-you-name kind of people, but what I witnessed that night was way beyond my imagination. Unheilig seems to have cracked the code to the hearts of common, middle aged and older Germans, most of whom have nothing to do with any sort of music scene, let alone the gothic one. A very high number of people in the audience made an impression of average peasants in their 50s wearing Unheilig t-shirts.
Exactly on time Zeromancer hit the stage with their new songs. Twenty minutes later the venue was shaking as the (former?) Industrial boy band blew the speakers with their "Clone Your Lover" visibly impressing the unprepared part of the audience.
Alex’s getting rid of his blazer and exposing his tattooed slim torso was warmly welcomed. Then followed "The Hate Alphabet", an erotically charged "It Sounds Like Love" and the slightly melancholic "The Death of Romance". To make sure the audience gets a serious kick at their behinds the Norwegians performed "Dr Online" just before evacuating the stage for Diary of Dreams.
The sparkling performance made me wish to visit a concert headlined by Zeromancer again, or at least see them play at one of the festivals this summer. The boys are in a great artistic shape and full of enthusiasm to present their music to new potential fans. The only negative thing to say about their gig is that it was too short, but this is the fate of any supporting act.


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