Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: Saafi Brothers
Title: Liquid Beach
Format: CD
Label: Secret Life Recordings
Distributor: EFA
Truly astonishing third record by the German duo Saafi Brothers, aka Michael Kohlbecker (www.michael-kohlbecker.de) and Gabriel Le Mar (www.le-mar.de), this "Liquid Beach" (also made available as double LP by their label E:Motion) is a kick ass mixture of techno, dub, electronica, lounge, chill-out, ambient and more. I love this record because it is so dense and deep. It spits out grooves for your every mood. Whatever it is that you feel like doing, dancing, meditating, relaxing, slamming and banging, you can do it all because it's got it all! A unique 10 track musical creation with great sonorities crafted and assembled with obvious sonic ability and great taste. Synthetic music that is so warm and organic that you'll be entirely warped by it within minutes. A pulsing and diverse rhythmical soul, a throbbing and dynamic sound palette, a smooth and liquid gifted audiophilia. You might have heard Saafi Bros' music on Porche and Siemens commercials, but aside of the questionable decision to let music be used for commercials, you've got a multifaceted album here, packed with emotions and forged by skillful musicians. Guest vocals include Dea Li, George Din and Jasmin Pour.
Great design by Everfresh Design too, the front cover of the beautiful digi-pack illustrates a feathered head with a human eye whose pupil reflects trees seen from below and a white sand beach in a sunny day. Highly recommended!


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