Saturday, September 19, 2020
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DIEB: Modules Ep

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Artist: DIEB
Title: Modules Ep
Format: 12"
Label: False Industrie
Distributor: What People Play
Rated: *****
Dieb is the musical project of Berliner Til Kerlin. Since 2002 he is cooperating with performers and visual artists like Tomi Paasonen and Tom Neubauer. In 2004 he released his first release on the Italian label Citymorb. Five years later here is the MODULES E.P. The release contains two new tracks "Module 0" and "Module 4" plus two remixes of the same tracks reworked by Maps & Diagram (Tim Martin) and Israeli producer, Yair Etziony. The two original tunes are hypnotic minimal multi layered deep techno tunes where Til plays with rhythms and ambient atmospheres succeeding into diversifying the elements avoiding the "it seems always the same loop" effect. The two remixers are quite different from the original versions as Maps & Diagram created a digital experimental quiet tune a la Fennesz while Yair Etziony gave to "Module 4" a rarefied ambient dub touch. Personally I preferred the original ones but I appreciated the will to experiment of the two guests.


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