Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: LUSINE
Title: A Certain Distance
Format: CD
Label: Ghostly
Rated: *****
As reported by his bio: "Jeff McIlwain has been producing his visceral, melodic strain of abstract electronic music as Lusine for 10 years now". During these years he recorded for different labels (Hymen, Isophlux, U-Cover) before "landing" on Ghostly and he created different kind of electronic landscapes where rhythm and ambience were the main element. With his newest album A CERTAIN DISTANCE he moves his music a step ahead by adding to his fluffy rhythmical complicated texture beautiful melodies and vocals. Helped on "Two dots" and "Twilight" by Vilja Larjosto and by Caitlin SHerman on "Gravity" on vocals and lyrics, Lusine enriched its music widening the musical spectrum. If tracks like "Thick of it" or "Baffle" are already able to burst many feelings thanks to multi layered sounds and rhythms (loops and synths create an ever changing flow of different sounds), the tracks with vocals add that touch of soul that you wouldn't expect. It's so relaxing... it welcomes you into a comfortable place like you're laying on a fluffy cloud watching to a beautiful starry night.


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