Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Voide (@)
Title: Lazy
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: self-released
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
The sun is high, the beaches are filled and mostly people have better things to do than to work. But David Almgren alias VOIDE likes to interrupt those sedating summer impressions with a new release entitled Lazy, a 3-track Si-CD, which collects all of his earlier this year released "sample tunes". It’s because David has decided to test some new possibilities of his self-marketing of VOIDE and has given out a few free downloadable tracks via his Bandcamp profile. And he has still a heart for the silver disc addicts out there, I got the pleasure to receive a copy of this physically product. 3 tracks are on here and the things are starting with the title track, which – to everyone’s surprise – features a natural sounding vocal performance of David. Well, if lyrically recommendations of how to spend the whole summer day (..."always remember: be lazy!") performed in a related kind to a news moderator are of your preference, seems to be doubtful – on the other hand I can’t imagine to discover such lyrically content with his known sci-fi and futuristic manipulated voice. "Into The Sun" is the second tune and to me the highlight of this release. It can be named as being the missing link to David’s top-notch tunes "Electrolyte" and/or "Toxic", both available on his last studio album "Humachine", and the sweet Electropop-tune "Love" featuring the German female singer Suzi Electric. Because "Into The Sun" introduces us another female collaborator with the Australian-based Pixieguts (check out:, who adds some warmth to the high-skilled sci-fi-related Synth-Electronica – a great vocal performance fits well to a great synth programming. Third, last, but not least track is "Traffic", which once again proves David’s favor, to use vocoderized vocals as well as to prove again his talent to create tasteful synth arrangements. Too bad, that this all finds an end after only 3 tracks – but you can be assured, that David hasn’t released any filler stuff to shorten the waiting time to his next full-length album. Moreover, his well-done collaboration with Pixieguts requires a continuation.


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