Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Title: RedRoom
Format: CD
Label: Breakdown Records
Rated: *****
Formed in 2007 in Torino, Italy, Sell System started immediately to work on their sound/tracks mixing elements of synthpop, future pop and darkwave. Presented into their bio influenced by Depeche Mode and Frozen Plasma, the trio formed by Rikux, Simon and D@x fortunately didn't go on the cover band approach but decided to pick up the catchy elements and to rework them on their personal blender. Upbeat rhythms, good synth structures along with Rikux's vocal melodies are the key elements of most of the songs where a bit of melancholy and danceability help forgetting some minor vocal flaws. Songs like the opening "Silence of the double faces", the following "Save me", "Afternoon song" and "Time with me" show at best the band's potential and are able to catch the attention of the audience immediately. The album covers different atmospheres as its songs span from the 4/4 pumping tempo of "Easy life" to the mellowness of "Obscurity". This is also the first release of the Breakdown Records, a label also from Torino which is looking for different kind of bands (they will start different sub-labels that will cover many genres, from industrial to punk).


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