Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Accomplice Affair (@)
Title: Samotny horyzont
Format: CD
A guitar-based dark ambient project by this Polish musician. Keyboards and other sounds are added to fill up the sonic terrain in an attempt to create atmosphere. For the most part it works, but as with a lot of music these days, this has been done before. There truly is nothing new under the sun, especially with Myspace and the Internet crammed full of aspiring musicians who have been ransacking the last fifty years of music history. Things improve with the fourth track which moves away from the chimey delayed guitar tones to something a bit more menacing, but we’re back again to the chimes again after that track. This may be the major fault of the disk. There’s not much change in guitar sounds throughout. A bit less subtlety might help in the long run. Subtlety can be good but there’s always the danger of flying right up your own backside as well. This is not bad, just not all that original. If you like musical wallpaper you’ll like this. Play it quietly on a Sunday afternoon when it’s raining. But I expect you’ll be sad when you’re done, which may be the point here.


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