Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Title: Premio Malattia
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources
Rated: *****
Sicilian computer artist Dario Sanfilippo's debut is titled "Premio Malattia", which for non Italian speakers stands for "Sickness Prize". An alternative title could be "Headache Top Prize" if you listen to the whole disc in a row with headphones. The liner notes credit an exoteric "Feedback Network Based Non-Linear Digital Signal Processing System" which at least hints at Sanfilippo's style: cold, glassy, cutting-edge computer music all based on feedback frequencies. Somewhere between Yoshihide's "Filament", Martusciello's "Aesthetic of the Machine" and Mattin's laptop vandalism, Sanfilippo takes no prisoners: his work is downright harsh and unpleasant but without any communicative rock'n'roll vibe or reference - which many noise records do have - to hold on to, so you're left with distressed tweeters and buzzing ears and zero explanation/justification. Which, given the number of pre-digested "radical" releases around, is already something worth praising.


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