Friday, July 10, 2020
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Artist: Mauerbrecher
Title: The Brightest Heaven of Invention
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: The Fossil Dungeon
Distributor: KlickTrack
Rated: *****
New Medieval music from The Fossil Dungeon, this time with an electronic twist. Kyrie could be considered a dark Industrial version of the classical original. This blends nicely into the next track which gets a bit more traditional sounding but then I was hooked by track three, "Hortus Conclusus". This an electronically enhanced Medieval track that will make you want to get up and jig’. This instantly went into my iPod favorites with five stars. I’ve played the track several times since listening to the album for this review already! Another great standout track is "Bagpipe Torture", a very odd mixture of Industrial and Techno influences with bagpipes. "Hagios Alexios" is a bit more traditional sounding and incorporates some great Medieval flute. The third standout in my opinion is "Metsaltir". This has some great hand drums and strings and is very Arabian/Persian influenced sounding. I love Middle-Eastern textures! "Backwoods" is very dark and brooding, a stark contrast to most of the album, and includes some electronic ambience which makes it sound like it could have come from a movie soundtrack. "Carmen Vernale" begins sounding like a May Faire and then electronics are added to take it into a more modern feel while maintaining the overall Renaissance/Medieval instrumentation and composition. Overall, this album is highly unique and very insteresting! I highly suggest it to anyone interested in various forms of music from Renaissance to Industrial


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