Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: L’Ensemble Deux et Compagnie
Title: Pelerinage
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: The Fossil Dungeon
Distributor: KlickTrack
Rated: *****
Pelerinage is a Medieval music release from The Fossil Dungeon label, mostly known for it’s gothic, darkwave, and neo-folk releases. L’Ensemble Deux et Compagnie is an Anglo/French ensemble from France. Their music tunes are varied but overall the album is like taking a step into the Middle Ages. Some tracks, like "Bizzaria d’amore", make me think of walking through the Bizzarre of shops. Others are like visiting a Medieval cathedral. Overall, this is a beautiful collection of works that will have strong appeal to anyone interested in the Renaissance and early Baroque period where these come from. Fans of the middle-ages or Renaissance Faire will be excited to add this to their collections! I have often looked for this type of music but not usually with any success aside from the few pieces one might find in the Classical music section. However, the works here are much more appealing and, in my humble opinion, sound more artistically performed and more authentic!


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