Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Artist: AD OMBRA
Title: Magna Charta Illusorum
Format: CD
Label: Rage In Eden (@)
Rated: *****
MAGNA CHARTA ILLUSORUM is the second album for Ad Ombra and on this one George D. Stanciulescu mixed industrial sounds, neo-classical structures/instruments and some modern classical music intuitions. Helped by Alexandra Damian (mezzo-soprano), linca Olteanu (soprano) and Andrei Apostol (additional male voices) he composed twelve suites where the initial martial orchestrations of "Templum Stygialis" and "Disquiet Opera" slowly blend into dramatic semi opera tunes. If on tracks like "... a coeur posthume" melodic chants are the main element on "Uranogeea" or the following "Mimes of the Occult" melody become an hidden element between the orchestra explosion of strings and the dissonant chants. On these moments it seems that George opted for a score born from improvisations where we have sudden changes of melody and atmosphere. "Heritages de l'Angoisse" is the track where the different influences are well represented because it starts with a harpsichord then we have a female/strings duet that after a while turns into a piano/samples industrial moment just to end like an industrial wave track with filtered male vocals and martial rhythms. The atmosphere convinced me but an occasional listener could be confused by the dissonant rumbles that take a hold on many moments, so check some track first.


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