Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Title: unconquered
Format: CD
Label: Foreshadow production (@)
Rated: *****
Hey, I’ve never been in Canada but many bands I love come from there, when I was a punk kid it meant Snfu, Nomeansno, D.o.a. and Voivod, later Godpeed You Black Emperor and Constellation and yes if you ask me I love what Aidan Baker, Nadja, Tim Haker, Alien8 and tons of other Canadian freaks are putting out these days. Thisquietarmy is no excerption and I incidentally discovered this guy’s touring with Nadja and they’re touching a place close to where I live so I’m really looking forward to tasting it all live. Beside touring together and the fact Aidan Baker is featured on this recording there’re other similarities that bring the music of Eric Quach close to Nadja and to other Baker’ solo releases, no copycat here, I simple think they’ve some similar influences and analogous stylistic approaches. Said that they’re not exactly the same thing, infact "Unconquered" has its heavy rock parts but is much more dilated and a bit less depressed, let’s say post-rock / slow core with heart, melody and muscles. If Nadja in many ways are really close to Swans (melodic-era) hybridized with Broadrick and shoegaze, Thisquietarmy is still influenced by British music but sounds more depressed-dreamy-pop (whatever it means)... am I exaggerating if I mention Slowdive, Ride and Bark Psychosis gone heavy?!. For what regards heaviness I’ve to add the term has to be taken with a grain of salt here since this cd overwhelms melody and emotion from the very first second of the cd, usually I tend to get bored quite immediately by the genre but that’s not the case (c’mon let’s say that Isis and similar bands are good, damn good... but overestimated!). Nothing exactly new if you’re looking for experimental music but the quality of the works is top notch, I’ve no doubt about it and I’ve been enjoying the music from the first listening since both the production and the recording helps the music to reach its full potential. Going back to Canada, I’m tented to comment it’s stile a fertile area and in general music coming from there a the moment is freaky, depressive/ed, post-wave/dark, classy and warm.


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