Friday, July 10, 2020
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Artist: Anabasis & Gargrim the Liar
Title: Two Worlds
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Waerloga Records (@)
Rated: *****
A new Waerloga release is always something to cherish and they almost never let you down. This time the album is called "Two Worlds" and is a 2CD Jewel Case release with two different debuting projects taking on one release each. Waerloga Records hired the very famous illustrator John Howe (famous for working as leading artist in Peter Jackson´s Lord of the Rings trilogy) who made a great cover which spans to the back of the jewel case too.

Without a doubt, both releases are built on and around strings - instruments that has become representative of Hollywood soundtracks. James Newton Howard comes to mind while listening to both Anabasis and Gargrim the Liar. I put "Two Worlds" into the same category as "Glory," "Legends of the Fall," and "The Last Samurai".

The production values of both these artists are very high. They sound a little bit alike at times but Anabasis is more classical oriented film music and Gargrim the Liar are a bit more varied. The sound of Anabasis is clear and beautiful but not near the depth of Gargrim the Liar which mix and master is top notch! The melodies on both albums are very good and I have favorite tracks on both albums.

The artwork is beautiful but a bit light to my eyes. No doubt though that John Howe is a true master!

The prospect of being able to write a score for a film filled with epic, bloodbaths, lovable, rough, good-guys and twisted, detestable villains, would make any composer lick their musical chops. When I listen to Anabasis it sounds like he should dare to go a little bit more all out, but hell this guy (Henrik Summanen) is talented! Very cinematic to say the least and the darkness of the fantasy genre is ever present.

These are very promising debut releases of both Gargrim the Liar and Anabasis. The 2CD idea is not bad but a bit brave.
Gargrim the Liar come across as the one with the best sound, mixing and master and Anabasis the one with the best action and adventure spirit.

Very enjoyable dark fantasy cinematic music in the veins of Erdenstern and Arcana.


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