Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: Luasa Raelon (@)
Title: house of flesh
Format: CD
Label: Snip Snip (@)
Rated: *****
Luasa Raelon is back and second great work I happen to review, Asia Nova are great, but in times when the world is suffering of an overabundance of dark-ambient, industrial-bands with no class and with no taste for a decent sound, David Reed shows his releases can fly ten feet higher then the majority of the shit that came out after noise, industrial music and dark ambient have become fashionable again. Reed will make your nightmares come true, or at least his own bad dreams have become really vivid in the music he plays, if the idea is to scare the shit out of the listeners be sure this release has hit the target. When I write his sound choice is great I really mean it: no third rate dark-ambiental keyboard sound, no bad sci-fi/plastic effect, no bad drones a la "hey, I’m a post-black metal wonnabe that discovered there’s more than Burzum after I’ve bought my first Cold Meat Industry cd", no "O’Malley is my hero and my hood is up even if may look like Ray Cappo during the youth crew days". Can you judge a book by the cover? Why not?! It’s up to the book (and to the cover obviously) and if you ask me you don’t have to be vegetarian to find disgust while watching these three layers of flesh/meat photographed on the front cover. "The House of flesh" as the title says has its pertinent front cover and for those who remember the layout of Reed previous work we have again those early 900 dressing like characters with disquieting animals’ heads that at this point have become part of the world of Luasa Raelon . Obsessive song construction but really far from being boring, good production and an ambient-musician skill that many lacks in the genre, if you think that dark ambient and related have nothing to say, Reed is here to show you’ve probably explored the wrong abyss.


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