Saturday, August 8, 2020
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MASSIV IN MENSCH: Meanwhile back in jungle

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Title: Meanwhile back in jungle
Format: CD
Label: Caustic Records (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
I gotta say thank you to MASTERPICE distribution to bring to me this f....... masterpiece of EBM, there are enough star to rate this piece of PURE BASTARD EBM, ready to define a new meaning for the word "perfection". Only Angels vs. Animals by Front 242 given to me the same vibes and energy. MIM creates a wall of pure EMB sounds and they are ready to bring down the gods of heaven and hell to dance this. MIM has the culture, the energy and the force to blast EMB in this final millennium obviously destroying every PA system around EU. It's hard to point at one track: all of them are 5 star. The Term DARK RAVE is the only one possible to define the area of this incredible band that combined punk, techno, rave and even EU dance, not to mention Rammstein-like pressure! Daniel Logemann (vocals, programming, lyrics) and Mirco Osterthun co-programming, backing vocals) are following their path among chaos in the dudest way possible, his work fits perfectly the needs of the EBM new era.


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