Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: SUM OF R
Title: Sum of R
Format: CD
Label: Utech Records
Rated: *****
Sum Of R born from an idea Reto Mader (a.k.a. RM74) had for a side project but it grew into a open structure musical project. Actually we find Roger Ziegler and Christoph Hess of Herpes O Deluxe are joining Reto for the first collective full length release. The band's homonymous album is divided into ten tracks/suites where the aim is the creation of a growing tense atmosphere which sound suspended in time. For the whole album you have a sort of cavernous reverb effect over all the sounds which is make you feeling dizzy. Most of the track are based on guitar noises/feedbacks but there are also tracks like "Basics of sleep": on this one we find a background of looped sounds (vinyl clicks and few percussive sounds) where a treated piano is free to improvise an obsessive piece. If your reference for guitar noise sound are Sunn 0, well, with Sum Of R be ready for something different: if Sunn 0 base their sound on bass frequencies growling guitars, Sum Of R make their guitars sound like a organ mixed using a vacuum cleaner and then they add to it effects and other instruments such like electronics, bass guitar, piano, drums, harmonium and Lenco turntables.
P.s. this release has a great deluxe packaging with silver printed black cardboard and a mini poster