Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: NAEVUS (@)
Title: Relatively Close To The Sea
Format: CD
Label: Hau Ruck! (@)
Distributor: Tesco Distribution
Rated: *****
After a year from their "Silent life" album, Naevus are back with their sixth full length CD titled RELATIVELY CLOSE TO THE SEA. The album opens with the beautiful and powerful title track. Apparently calm, the song, thanks to its slow and crawling rhythm explode on some parts thanks to a suffering guitar that with its controlled feedback gives to the track a dramatic touch. After this one we have three tracks where the the influence of folk (maybe Gaelic) is evident and it's mixed with Naevus post punk/neo-folk distinctive characteristic approach to sound. Violin, acoustic guitars and the great John Murphy drumming create great moments made of tension and dreamy atmospheres. The touchy moment comes with "The German", a track that behind its folk atmosphere hide the story of an homicide of an ex German soldier (my interpretation) who after the war moved from East Germany to find a new life but who ends killed hit by the shovels of the crowd he found going to a pub. After two other tracks ("Dented mess" and "The troubadour") we find a masterpiece titled "Go grow". It is a 18 minutes track where guitars, violin and accordion duet, making slowly increase the tension (see the Velvet Underground) without never losing the control or the boundaries of the song structure. Good one...


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