Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Title: ...Per Portarti Questo Scrigno
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: In The Nigh Time (@)
Rated: *****
Active from 1983 to 1986, Carillon Del Dolore released two demo tapes (of which the second one "Ritratti dal vero" have never been officially distributed), a self released MLP "Trasfigurazione" and an album titled "Capitolo IV" released under the Petali Del Cariglione moniker and heavily mis-produced by Valor (on an interview to the band I read that they had a really bad experience with him, because he was supposed to produce their sound but he wasn't able to and unfortunately the worst was that he acted like an asshole). PER PORTARTI QUESTO SCRIGNO gathers the remastered recordings contained into the two demos "Fiori malsani" and "Ritratti dal vero". About "Fiori malsani", you have to know that the tracks of the tape were the same of the "Trasfigurazione" MLP before the band decided to switch their lyrics from English to Italian. So basically these are the English recordings of those ones. Unfortunately, maybe because of copyright problems with Contempo (the label that distributed the first print of the MLP and then reissued it into a limited 500 copies run), you aren't able to check the Italian version which, in my opinion, sounds more dramatic. Along with the demos you can find plenty of unreleased tracks (eight tracks recorded during rehearsals that doesn't sound perfect but that are able to catch the moment and the atmosphere) plus twelve live tracks recorded during their whole activity (i.e. 1983÷1986) and three recorded on 2007 at their reunion gig (note that they are all crowd recordings and the quality sometimes isn't really good). With this compilation you have the chance to check one of the best goth Italian bands of the '80s. Maybe their technical skills weren't the best around but they were able to catch the decadent spirit of that scene. Their scenic impact was as much important as their musical one thanks to the theatrical performances of different artists/friends of the band. Check for example the graphics of their MLP and you'll have a good idea. Born under the punk impetuosity the band soon slowed down the rhythms creating in that way their peculiar sound.


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