Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: AUTOPSIA (@)
Title: Radical Machines Night Landscapes
Format: CD
Label: Illuminating Technologies
Rated: *****
RADICAL MACHINES NIGHT LANDSCAPES is one of the most "difficult" releases by Autopsia. In balance from dark ambient and modern classical music the album sees also new musical influences thanks to the collaboration with Achtar. I don't know who they are but I suppose that it's because of them that on "Night landscape III", the following "Radical machine XIV", "Radical machine VIII", to name few, there are also breakbeat rhythms and i.d.m. influences (and I must admit that these sounds work really well along with the strings and the dramatic atmosphere created by Autopsia). The ten tracks sound like suites based on tension where strings meet percussive sounds (military ones like on "Night landscape XVI" as well as the aforementioned i.d.m./breakbeat rhythms) where melody is often dissonant. The album is based on the concept that some machines are changing the perception of everything we know and they are avoiding the humans to go beyond their known limits. This boundaries are tying men that have the perception to be fulfilled. Practically they are only waiting for their death. Autopsia call these machines, thanatographical machines (thanatos=death) and they change/manipulate reality creating a new one. A real conceptual release which sees Autopsia reaching new sounds but always keeping their spirit alive.


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