Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: DYM
Title: The Invilid
Format: CD
Label: Noitekk (@)
Distributor: Nova
Rated: *****
DYM stands for Death to Your Modern and THE INVILID is their debut album. Containing ten tracks, the album shows a band that has something new to offer other than harsh sounds and aggressive attitude. DYM mix e.b.m. tunes with harsh/treated vocals, breakbeat rhythms and electro industrial sounds. Most of the tracks offer good moments and fortunately few of them are focused only on distorted assaults that tend to arise only chaos rather than my attention. Good for a dancefloor use as well as an home listening, THE INVILID is a nice album which stands out for its mix of genres even if innovation isn't the key for the whole track list as some tracks are quite "normal" for an e.b.m. album but the ones where they blend genres and don't push too much on the harshness are really interesting.


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