Friday, June 5, 2020
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Title: Crumble
Format: CD
Label: Amirani
Rated: *****
Airchamber3 is an expandable trio formed by Andrea Ferraris (also in Ulna, Ur, Luminance Ratio, etc.) and brothers Andrea and Luca Serrapiglio, improvising with a variety of instruments (cello, guitars, voice, pedals, sax, objects, etc.) and coming off with a fresh take on the often stale schemes of improv jazz. "In a Foreign Land" opens the disc with a rather turbulent electroacoustic storm of hisses and crackles, which could foresee a much more hostile album, loosely in the lines of the Creative Sources roster; but the following "The Jaw..." starts adding some unexpected spice, with jack noises structured in rhythmic loops (memories of Pan Sonic?), battling with Ayleresque sax contortions. "Standing by the Shell Sea mit Giacinto" (you gotta love those word plays, eh) is a liquid still life of almost Kranky-styled suspensions, highlighted in its desertic reprise, while "Silence Makes a Dangerous Sound" gives its cosmic gitar drones a backbone of kraut free-rock pushed into digital realms. The track which best shows the trio's potential is "An Unsafe Ground to Walk Upon", with its smoky jazz blurred and dissolved by electronics into a psychedelic mist. Out of a pile of clichéd "radical" improv discs, more or less interchangeable (and disposable), this is one that truly dares to experiment something new.