Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Title: Estupet
Format: CD
Label: Apop Records
Rated: *****
Now, this is a truly interesting record which incidentally proves how Apop may well be today's Skin Graft in its choice of outrageous no-wave bands. Duchesses are allegedly a young all-female quartet, mentioning Art Bears, Poison Girls and Sex Gang Children as influences. Which could sound deceitful, but only to a certain degree, as this is artsy, schizophrenic and "gothic" music indeed. "The Virgin Monkey" shreds two voices, one half-reciting, the other screechy and monkey-like, in a vortex of guitar and drums reminding of Arab on Radar at their most violent. "The Fox Hunt" and "The Pit Bulimia" share a similar frenzy, but adding some morbid wave sickness like in the good old days of Gravity/GSL art-core (Antioch Arrow, VSS). "The Lazer Poney" is more AOR-styled sandstorm, while in "The Laughing Faina/Wacko Jackal" the instrumental mess is transfigured in a crazed electronic carousel. The cd also features a series of remixes which are unexpectedly well-done and creative. I'll mention Weasel Walter's take on "The Fox Hunt", where he manically pushes on the rhythmic aspect, on one hand, and on the gothic/atmospheric one on the other (almost Goblin-esque in the keyboards, and with an unstoppable guitar solo to boot), and Qulfus' black/no-wave transfiguration of "Pit Bulimia". A very promising and unpredictable record by these youngsters - let's hope they keep on playing and never lose the sickness.


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