Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Title: Bloody Buddies
Format: CD
Label: Daly City Records
Rated: *****
After the release of his debut album as Bloodysnowman, Shawn Porter is back with a new release titled BLOODY BUDDIES. This CD isn't a proper new album as it contains remixes of tracks coming from his self titled debut, collaborations and three new electro/techno tunes ("Happy fun time", "Laughing" and "Broken floor"). As guests we have Mochipet, Build 128, Xiu Xiu, Clipd Beaks, Yoko Solo, Dino Felipe, Nommo Ogo, Preshish Moments, Ben Sandoval, PU22I3 and Heartworm. The album opens with Mochipet on "Bloody dancer" (an instrumental electro tune with a dark vein) followed by the pop i.d.m. of "Happy fun time". "Dead laptop - raver for sale" is the Build 128 version of "Dead raver" and they give to it a quick grime treatment. Xiu Xiu, instead, gave to the same track an experimental minimal treatment. Clipd Beaks with "Drug wreck" change the atmosphere thanks to their post rock shoegazer approach. Ben Sandoval gives to "Dead raver" a different remix (similar to the original even if a bit more "delirious"). Joko Solo with "Drinking inda bushes - you whore mix" is on with a grime/dub mix full of experimental moments. Dino Felipe makes of "Dilapidations of bloodysnowman" a true i.d.m./guitar drones nightmare. Nommo Ogo is in with "Somambulance blood", an interesting ambient dub electronic extravaganza. PU22I3 mix ambient and i.d.m. on "Wedding march remix". Preshish Moments breakbeat lo-fi approach mix melody and distorted rhythms while Heartworm close the album with "Feels like burning", mixed with ambient/id.m. influences and primitive approach to distortion. I found the album nice for whom appreciate electro experimentalism and i.d.m. craziness but it is for sure destabilizing for the audience that appreciate the original tunes.


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