Friday, September 25, 2020
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Title: Black & Gold
Format: 12"
Label: Pale Music
Distributor: Neuton
Rated: *****
BLACK & GOLD is the latest release by Punx Soundcheck and it's their second album. Printed only as a double vinyl album, BLACK & GOLD will reserve some surprises for whom appreciated their previous "When Machines Ruled the World". The new album, like the old one, is divided in two different parts: one more minimal/techno/house and the other more techno/electro (thanks also to the vocal performances of Naommon, Linda Lamb, Marc Almond and Digitaria). The minimal approach to sounds is evident since the first track "Phantoms" where distorted bass lines are mixed with vocal samples and 4/4 rhythms. The hypnotic approach continue with "Make That Noise" where the techno party approach is the main element. "Metropolis" is a little darker with its catchy mysterious melody. Always based on techno sounds but also with a little of electro. Techno/house is on "Dress & Shoes", a track that features Miss Odd Kid on vocals. The electro influence starts with the sixth track "Mothercity" where the Naommon vocals meet upbeat rhythms and electro loops. Marc Almond gives his vocals on two songs, "Exhibitionist " and "Saint now" (this track was included also on "The Legends EP" along with "Flowerpower", also present here) and his performance, as always, makes the difference. Also the closing "WhiteSugar" is an interesting song with techno loops and reverbered vocals but also with catchy electro inserts here and there. Even if this one is different from the previous album I suggest you to check it out, because Punx Soundcheck are always a band that is able to deliver good music.


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