Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Dawn Of Ashes: The Crypt Injection

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Artist: Dawn Of Ashes (@)
Title: The Crypt Injection
Format: CD
Label: NoiTekk (@)
Distributor: Nova Media
Rated: *****
Even those people who’d assumed a possible end of business activities of the Hellectro/Harsh EBM flagship, the German label NoiTekk, since this latest release of them got deleted over and over again, can be assured, that only technically problems regarding the cover construction of this new DAWN OF ASHES album are reasons for the longer pause. The second half of 2008 and 2009 shall see more new stuff from them. Please note that this review refers on the European edition of this album, which differs to the longer available North-American version featuring a slightly different track-listing. And again – I’m a bit behind schedule also on this. But what I still remember is the fact, that the overall cliche-filled debut "In The Acts Of Violence" couldn’t impress me at all, while this couldn’t stop at all the successful trip behind this act. The building of an own street-team, the license deal to the Russian Gravitator label, a MySpace number of friends in "near-to-a-new-world-record-like" heights – these are only a few parts, which document the growing and development of this LA-based act. This follow-up album was awaited from their fans like an oasis in the desert. After a replacement in the band formation, DAWN OF ASHES are back and better than ever before. Especially sound- and production-wise, this new album is a milestone away from the debut. The tracks, although still feeding lyrically the expected "blood-terror-atrocity" path, have grown in their making, they are filled with attractive synths bass lines, moody layers, numerous voice samples and the rough screaming vocals of band-leader Khris. And they are able to write some excellent songs too, in which they are able to transform the tragic impressions of their lyrics into the music ("Still Born Defect" or "Where Angels Die"). But the fans will rather go mad with the stomping floor-filler tracks like "Torture Device" (on this European version also featured as a video-clip), "Portrait Of Homicide" (nothing beats the original, the attached remixes by XP8 and DIOXYDE on this track are unfortunately filling stuff...), The Crypt Injection or "Slasher". The hopes for a development after the debut where high and DAWN ASHES can fulfill all requirements. Sure, this is Hellectro/Harsh EBM filled with Trance/Techno elements as its best, a scene-related and maybe stagnant style, but who cares? Like it or not, this is definitely one of the better productions for this genre.


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