Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Title: My Father My Keeper
Format: CD
Label: Autumn Wind Productions (@)
Rated: *****
Side project of the creator of As All Die, Clint Listing produces a particular music made of dark ambient atmospheres, slowed down jazzy intuitions and a bit of early 4AD style (see for example "Cut off your wings to enter heaven" where the melancholy calm/deep vocals are hidden between treated strings sounds). MY FATHER, MY KEEPER is a multi faceted album because if the first three tracks sound like a minimal mix of dark ambient synth pads with the add of a clarinet, the fore mentioned "Cut off your wings to enter heaven" and the following "The last day's of originality" (this one couple whispered vocals, clean electric guitars a la post rock with synth pads) change the style a bit but without changing the atmosphere which is always disturbed and intimate. Also the reverb synth experimentation of "One's loss of sanity", even if it sounds like of break into the atmosphere created since then, it isn't a total surprise, because just by listening to the first couple of tracks of the album you can realize that Clint Listing allows to himself an approach to music that is freed from boundaries. The last three tracks are reported as being part of "The Snow Ghost bonus EP". They span from the opening industrial ambient sounds of "Traveling the celestial path" to the creeping tubular bell sounds of "Simplicity is bliss" passing through the post rock drones of the long "The snow ghost".


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