Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Title: Dystert Vilse
Format: CD
Label: Stellar Auditorium (@)
I usually don't accept records with black metal sounds as this isn't the genre we deal with. This exception is due to the fact that the other CD sent me by the label wasn't sounding like this one and second, fortunately this album doesn't sound like a classic black metal album. The one man band Swedish project Underjordiska uses some of the key elements of the genre as high frequency guitar sounds, hidden growling vocals, etc. The good thing is that the wall of sound created and the lacking of hyperactive drums make sound the seven tracks of DYSTERT VILSE like an extreme dark ambient album with painful vocals. Anyway, some ambient parts have been used on the final parts of "Isolation" and "Hope" as well as on the opening "Rainshine".


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