Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Machines Against Hunger
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Sigsaly Transmissions (@)
Distributor: Sigsaly Transmissions
Rated: *****
This is the debut release by the new Texas-based label Sigsaly Transmissions, a DCD compilation with some remarkable content. As the given title may leads to the right hint, this compilation and its content is heavily inspired to bring out a clear action of charity against one of the biggest problems of mankind at all. This project is meant to support all those aid relief organizations against famine and disease, in this case dedicated to Action Against Hunger, as they are leaders in this endless fight. 100 % of the net profit from the sales of this compilation will be donated. So not at all just another label compilation, the presented acts give an excellent cross-section of all thinkable styles of Electronica music available. Big names got united to walk this path hand in hand with undiscovered but promising newcomer acts, and mostly all are presenting exclusive recordings. As for the big names, we have here classic and veteran Electro/Wave acts like PSYCHE, PARADE GROUND, THE WEATHERMEN (...and they all can prove their abilities, as they’ve never taken a pause in between...) and side-projects of FRONT 242 and CLOCK DVA aboard, but also better known artists like DIVE, IMPLANT or PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1. The diversity of the different presented music is the remarkable point of this compilation, but as usual and compared with many other different compilations, mostly the newcomer acts caught my attention.
Starting with the bands, which are related or signed to Sigsaly, we have K-BEREIT. Right on, this is the continuation of the famous French act KRIEGBEREIT, which could only release a nowadays hard-to-find-MCD on the German Machinery Records entitled "A Forest". This one is maybe the best known (and best done...) cover version on this classic tune of THE CURE. Of course, K-BEREIT’s music follows the traditionally old-school sound and their "H(a)ngry" is an evil beating smasher with tragic German voice samples. K-BEREIT also created a remix for DIVE’s "Behind The Sun", which is featured here as well. Another new signing to Sigsaly is the Paris-based act CODE MACHINE, another straight and rather old-school-minded EBM outfit. Their track "You Say, I Say" is am angry smasher featuring sawing bass lines and emotional vocals, although we are talking here on the weakest part of their track, they could need some refining. Third one to mention seems to be the Belgian newcomer act NTRSN, who offer some KLINIK-al bass lines, vocoderized vocals and a steady beat much in vein of some older SUICIDE COMMANDO works.
The Hellectro field is also present with appearances of DERMA-TEK ("Mauled" – TAU FACTOR-remix, well done in the expected line, but wouldn’t it be time to offer new stuff?), PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 ("Lethal Defense Systems", although remixed by a musically comparable act like DEAD JUMP, I ask myself, if this Greek duo can’t really offer any other striking piece, since this track has been now switched the 27th time on compilations...), NURZERY [RHYMES] ("Alpha-Omega", presented in remix by WYNARDTAGE, not bad at all, but maybe a bit too often heard? It becomes more and more routine...), the talented newcomer MAN + MACHINES ("Revolt", taken from their last demo, just watch our search engine for a review on them...), and finally the best appearance of this genre, DAWN OF ASHES ("Nail Driven" in a remix by DIE SEKTOR, the quality of this interpretation really nails!).
The veteran old-school EBM sound of NITZER EBB and their followers are presented well through acts like IONIC VISION (what has been named "This Life" isn’t at all a new composition, it’s rather a special remix of their classic track "The End" to offer something special to this comp.), and a collaboration effort by both Swedish bands CONTAINER 90 and STURM CAFE. What else?
There are some additional works featured on here asides the above named styles and bands, which deserve attention. Both COP-recording acts THREAT LEVEL 5 and CARPHAX FILES can impress with rather Dark Electro tracks (not Hellectro!!!), while the synths programmings of DISKONNEKTED ("Broken" remixed by RAZED IN BLACK), THE CRYSTALLINE EFFECT ("Nothing Warms This Room" in a special Machine Against Hunger Remix) and the instrumental tune of the collaborative effort between EMPUSA with FRIGHT DOLL lefts me breathless. Another highlight is surely the cover version of INTERFACE on "Land Of Confusion" (Genesis): radio-compatibility included, decent Futurepop-like arrangements, good vocal performance and it luckily avoids Rutherford’s dirty guitar work. Finally the Swedish act CHINESE THEATRE come up with a new version of "I’m Leaving You Behind" featuring pummeling bass lines, cold subtle female vocals and a strong dedication to some Pop/Wave-attitudes of the 80ies.
A lot of interesting stuff to discover on here and a compilation project with a lot of background, intense work and idealism. Please note the charity factor behind it, which alone should be reason enough to purchase this DCD set, but also the content alone is sort of something special. You’ll get rewarded with this convincing label-debut, so watch out for more from Sigsaly Transmissions.

Track listing:

Disc One

01. K-BEREIT – Hu(a)ngry
02. Essence Of Mind - How Does It Feel [Machines Against Hunger Edit]
03. Implant - The Stimulator [People Theatre's Final Call Mix]
04. Container 90 & Stürm Cafe - 1/15
05. Dawn Of Ashes - Nail Driven [Die Sektor RMX]
06. Nohno - Unbalanced
07. The Crystalline Effect - Nothing Warms This Room [Machines Against Hunger Mix]
08. Threat Level 5 - Tripping
09. Diskonnekted - Broken [Razed in Black Mix]
10. Sunao Inami - Decreases
11. Code Machine - You Say, I Say
12. Interface - Land Of Confusion
13. Destroid - Revolution [Machines Against Hunger Version]
14. Nurzery[Rhymes] - Alpha-Omega [Wynardtage RMX]
15. NTRSN - Innerbleeding v1
16. Biodrone - Last Waltz

Disc Two

01. Hi-Tek Homeless - Planet Hump
02. The Tenth Stage - Black [Machines Against Hunger Slow Remix]
03. Ionic Vision - This Life
04. Radiotron 36 - Burned Out Cinder
05. Carphax Files - Guns And Violins
06. Empusa [feat. FrightDoll] - Unpreventable
07. The Weathermen - Your Town
08. Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Lethal Defense Systems [DeadJump Remix]
09. Dive - Behind the Sun [K-Bereit Light Speed Remix]
10. Autoclav1.1 - This Is Untitled [Magrette Mix by Coreline]
11. Parade Ground - Entertain Me
12. Man + Machines - Revolt
13. Psyche - Tears [Original]
14. Eisdrive - Reeperbahn
15. Je$us Loves Amerika - Cifer
16. Chinese Theatre - I'm Leaving You Behind (Help The Poor Version)
17. Modern Cubism - Le Serpent Qui Danse
18. Derma-Tek - Mauled [Tau Factor Remix]


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