Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: thirty9thirty8 (@)
Title: thirty9thirty8
Format: CD
Label: Flattened Planet (@)
Rated: *****
thirty9thirty8 (Terrence McManus-guitar; Dave Ballou-trumpet; Devin Gray-drums) swim the sea of experimental free-jazz (or is it post-free-jazz? I can’t tell these days). All I really care is whether the music engages me. There’s plenty of improv going on here. How much of it comes from actual composition is not apparent to me, but does that matter? The end result should be the final criteria, whether all the processes work to bring about a satisfying result. What I missed was a bass to anchor the whole thing. But the various timbres and rhythms at play of all three instruments gives us enough variation to keep the interest going through the whole disk. Music like this takes more than one listen to start clicking.