Friday, June 5, 2020
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Gregor Tresher: Thousand Nights

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Artist: Gregor Tresher (@)
Title: Thousand Nights
Format: CD
Label: Great Stuff (@)
Distributor: rooftop promotion
Rated: *****
There’s a time for in-your-face and a time for subtle and Gregor Trescher knows how to use both. Ostensibly meant for the dance floor there’s more going on here than meets the ear and headphones are a definite advantage. Good variation on the beat, little details that put twitching tails on the pulse certain to throw your neurons into firing position. Don’t get me wrong, there’s everything you expect from dance music here, the obligatory deep bass to vibrate the body into ecstatic trembling, the short melody lines, the bubbly synth sequences. But I get impression that something more is aimed at than simply making music to wiggle your butt.