Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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MESSIAH COMPLEX : above the floods

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Title: above the floods
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Industrial Culture (@)
Rated: *****
Best surprise of the whole new lot of 3" cdr on Industrial Culture records, this duo gives us a twenty-one minutes track with a good song progression. The fact is that this combo hailing from Scotland had the taste and the guts to move slowly to the core of the suite avoiding the abused (and sometimes predictable) framework where noise gets pushed at the maximum level from the fist to the last second of the composition. Messiah Complex deal with a magmatic wave really dense and in which both the buzz of the bass frequencies and the high frequencies drown in a poll of apparently distant white noise. The gradual progression gives an old skull industrial taste which brings to mind some early Maurizio Bianchi, some early Deutsch Nepal, some post-krautesque feel that many freaks of the first mighty industrial wave were really proud of. If you remember old sampler like the "Melt" compilation you know what I'm talking about. The question is: being old school means being old fashioned? Not always, sometimes it's a good way to evelv naturally (and differently from the rest) into something new.


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