Saturday, August 8, 2020
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OBJECT: The Ethane Asylum

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Artist: OBJECT (@)
Title: The Ethane Asylum
Format: CD
Label: E.A.R. / Vendetta-Music (@)
Distributor: KDG Media
Rated: *****
Still numbed by the last months’ release of the French NEON CAGE EXPERIMENT, the Denver-based label Vendetta-Music in collaboration with E.A.R. has already a next valuable horse to start off, this time the German one-man Dark Electro artist OBJECT. OBJECT is Andreas Malik and he has made himself already a good name with his earlier 2 full-length albums "Part Time Paranoia" and "The Reflecting Skin", both released during 2001 – 2002 on the now defunct German label Broken Seal (MIMIC MIND, TERMINAL STATE, BLINK TWICE; DISHARMONY...). Also not to forget his glorious days during a fruitful tape phase starting in 1994 to 1998 where he released three own produced demos and a first CDR entitled "Self-Designed Eden". It has happened in early 1996 that Andreas could make his first CD appearance ever with his track "Amkura 3" available on the compilation CD accomplishing to the German Vertigo-magazine 02/1996 (r.i.p.), an appearance which had my personal involvement and brings still a smile back in my face.
Lately here and thanks to his hard work and will to improve and to grow on all terms of production, OBJECT became very soon a secret tip and could grab the attention of the responsible people at Broken Seal, who have always distributed Andreas’ demo tapes through their mail order service. Broken Seal built their label with the intention to release the first CD releases mostly by bands which have sold well their demo tapes through them. Therefore the signing of OBJECT was rather expected than a wonder. Both albums are still quality relicts of a past where was a lack of quality Dark-Electro music in vein of old INFORMÄTIK, PULSE LEGION plus the layered works of earlier MENTALLO & THE FIXER in Germany. Often, very often Andreas gets compared with the before mentioned patterns and there’s surely a constant amount of truth behind this.
A typical trademark in the music of OBJECT can be named with the cold, but melodic multiple synth pads, his abilities to work out some spacey moods are still outstanding. Andreas trusts once again mainly his programming skills on the Roland workstation XP-50 and it seems a bit that he can’t think of to produce music without this not very new synth. To each its own, also The Ethane Asylum seems to be completely composed and arranged thanks and through this synth. Therefore all who have been consumed the earlier works of OBJECT before, will find themselves quite familiar with the new album. Andreas didn’t exchange that much of his equipment, the used sounds and drum programs as it seems, he may develops some of his compositional efforts here and there.

Some pieces have be named as being outstanding. "Dreamer Without Dreams" convinces completely through its well-thought usage of eerie synth layers and smooth piano textures. Not very danceable thanks to the use of some "broken" drum patterns though, but a complex kind of programming which "wows" the listener. The ballad-like "Existence On Trial" surprises with a vocal performance by RESPIRANCE, which drifts between Synthpop-like calm to vocoderized to slightly distorted. "End Of Sin" is maybe the most accessible work of Andreas with a steady beat and an easy-to-follow bass line and drum pattern programming. Two additional remix works by MC1R (presents a remix of "The Reflecting Skin", the title track of the last OBJECT album) and BRAIN LEISURE (a very FLA-sounding remix on the title track The Ethane Asylum) accomplishing this top-notch dark Electro album with a playing time of more than 75 minutes.
The Ethane Asylum is an expected album and this isn’t meant negative. At least it is also an album a lot people were hoping and waiting for. Too much Hellectro/Trancewhackedgoregalore-productions (copyrighted term by electrofreak) are still the leading force in the clubs, let’s hope that this production receives enough positive recognition to become a constant force against this virus. Let’s finally hope that OBJECT won’t let us wait another 6 years before a next new album will be ready.


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