Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Title: Vol. 1
Format: CD
Label: Aural Hypnox
Rated: *****
Aural Holograms is the name of a series of works that, at least in this first chapter, are due to Aural Hypnox/Aeoga/Halo Manash/Dolorian mastermind Antti Haapapuro, joined by J. Saivo, J. Hietaniemi and J. Tuomi. As with all AH releases, there seems to be a heavy ritualistic/exoteric background which the liner notes, however detailed, can only hint at. The album features three lengthy (and I mean it - almost 74 minutes in total) tracks of drones created, from what I can guess, with Tibetan bowls and other resonating metal instruments, a reed organ, possibly voices/breath and unidentified sound effects. It is surely the most stripped-down and minimal work in the AH catalogue, without any standard "dark ambient" element, and its legitimate place would be somewhere between Harry Bertoia, Phil Corner's "Metal Meditations" and buddhist ritual music. "Before the Great Stone" still bears some resemblance of recognizable notes, dissolving in a liquid ambience, which leads to the deeper drones of "The Day of Opening the Tomb", where the metallic vibrations reach the organic feel of a gigantic breathing creature. The third and final track, "Beyond the Black Deep", is a huge, slowly uncoiling piece of more than 30 minutes, where the Aural Holograms drones reach their full resonating power - listen to it at medium to high volume and you'll find yourself bathed in a thick, vibrating amniotic well. As usual, words don't do justice to the overall experience - this is a massive album that not everybody will be willing to experience, but that ranks among the most impressive minimal recordings that I've listened to. I am still convinced that the whole Aural Hypnox milieu is not getting the attention and exposure it deserves, but they probably don't care, and they'd be right. As long as they continue releasing these amazing works, it is not that important.