Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Last Influence Of Brain: Inner Wars

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Artist: Last Influence Of Brain (@)
Title: Inner Wars
Format: CD
Label: Electro Aggression Records / Vendetta-Music (@)
Distributor: KDG Media
Rated: *****
The Slovakian act can also look back on a longer band history under different monikers and some first activities starting more than 10 years ago. Consisting of musicians from acts like KIFOTH and SAMHAIN, they could make themselves a good name with a first release entitled "Illusions And Reality" out in 2003 on the nowadays defunct Polish Black Flames label. So it has taken now four years until these guys could reunite for comeback – not surprising that E.A.R./Vendetta-Music had still an open ear for them, if you take a more detailed look onto the last releases. Also LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN can be sorted into the wide field of Dark Electro, while they don’t act too obviously to act like a PUPPY-clone - some exceptions included of course. Inner Wars lists 16 tracks at all, but you’ll find a 17th unlisted track as well – maybe a mistake with the tack list, or it is a real hidden track. This album starts marvelous with a great instrumental opener entitled "Return 0001" offering nice layered synth-pads – it needs to be mentioned that you’ll find 5 different "Return"-tracks, all of them offering a different mood. "Greed" follows and I tend to say that this piece is one of the outstanding tracks on here, although strongly infiltrated with the PUPPYan-influence. Unfortunately the following tunes can’t rival with the quality of both opening tracks. I had to realize that LIOB can act unforeseeable from track to track and at times their bass lines and textures are sounding plain and rather like a first testing on some new synths instead of well-thought. Some of the tracks like "Players" or "In Death" are concentrating too obviously to push the speed to reach some dancefloor-compatibility. Compared to the first excellent tunes they act like filling stuff. Other very good tunes have to be named with the rather mid-tempo-based tracks like "Why Are You Waiting", which is also available in a remix version created by Dominique Debert of BRAIN LEISURE, "In Our World" and "Return 0004". In these tracks there’s more "music" in form of some cold synth-layer sounds available – it seems that all efforts offering a different mood to the straight-oriented dance tracks do well here. Inner Wars is in all a decent Dark Electro-album and comes out with more than 74 minutes playing time – the term full-length album has never before insisted that strong by any other label before. But it’s also recognizable that three different musicians try to concentrate to include their very own personality and talent to form the sound of LIOB. This works mostly well, but some tunes can’t offer at all a coherent outfit.