Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Jack Or Jive (@)
Title: Issin 1988 - 2006
Format: 3 x CD (triple CD)
Label: Ultra-Mail Prod. (@)
Rated: *****
Already active since a long time, JACK OR JIVE have decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary with the release of this limited CD set, available in 900 normal editions and 100 special box sets. The rare special packaged and very nice designed 3-CD box set featuring besides three conceptual CD’s an artistic impressive created booklet providing several drawings by the female lead singer and main artist Chako, several background info, bio and discography of this Asiatic act. You got introduced into the diverse and mysterious sound worlds of this act, also a brief description about the compositional process is included. Edited and published by the Honk-Kong based label Ultra-Mail Prod. (which still needs to bring up a website...;-)), this package is one of the most outstanding works I’ve discovered so far! The band JACK OR JIVE featuring the imaginary female fronted Chako presents here unreleased recordings created over all the years of their long-time existence, but mostly completely new arranged and re-assembled. The music is as always the acoustic manifestation of Chako’s compositional efforts, stylistically based on Goth/Wave, Neo-Folk, Ambient and Ritual Industrial tunes – while all these genre-friendly monikers are still too limited to catch the whole musically horizon of this act. Their wide-spread cultural background they can integrate in almost all works, maybe this explains the fascination and mysticism behind this international renowned act. The CD’s are strictly separated under the monikers "Dark", "Light", and "Outside" – and somehow in the same vein the music is arranged. While the "Dark" CD features among others creepy and ominous sounding Ambient and Ritualistic drones and the whole mood is rather experimental and dark, the "Light" CD somehow clears up and brings up some more easier accessible works. "Outside" against to this looks and sounds a bit like the "live" side of the bands and can also integrate some improvised works – only possible and recorded for the moment. Chako’s voice and vocal cords have indeed a hard job to do to provide and fit with the required mood. Overall a must-have edition of a historically meaningful release for the fans and followers this act could gain world-wide.


1. Leave a temple
2. Wisdom from above
3. Chinese dragon
4. Solitary
5. Person of vision
6. The letter from the heaven
7. Nation which sank
to the sea
8. Four seasons
9. Lie in the palm of your own hands
10. Invulnerably
11. Riddance
12. Say goodbye
13. Lily dyed red


1. Star
2. Blue train
3. Floweret
4. Over
5. Rompish girl
6. Cross your hands
7. I will wait
8. Seashell ornament
9. Snow line
10. Brought to a head
11. Friends in Asia
12. And then
13. Autumnal leaves
14. His favorite book
15. Snow line 2
16. Advance together
17. Thank you


1. Next life / Flag stones
2. Show windows
3. Procession of mourners
4. Stare into the darkness
5. Sequent
6. A man in the moon
7. Reach across
8. Depletion of sensitivity
9. Capability for crisis management
10. So what?
11. Aberrations of youth
12. Row courage
13. Fragments of me 2
14. Zen riddle
15. The window
16. Spiritual echoes


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