Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Title: Eurolove
Format: CD
Label: Record Makers (@)
Rated: *****
I’m an animal and I get excited when I can have my dirty paws on releases like this. My senses are titillated by the sensual rhythms and by cool melodies. Hypnolove, with their EUROLOVE did a fantastic album and a gorgeous debut. They already released in the past an EP with the same name (released by Confusion Recordings and containing a first version of Eurolove, "Nights In Blue Jeans" and "Disco Veneziano") and the "Mademoiselle" 12" (containing the original verion, two remixes and an Hynolove version of the "Assault on Precinct Thirteen" main track) and with EUROLOVE they are ready to prove their value. The trio coming from Toulouse is formed by a French, a Portuguese and a German guy and it’s amazing to notice that into their blend electro/funk/italo disco/indie wave they put also somethig characteristic of their original land: the Portuguese language on the final part of Eurolove and on "Lembranca", the French on "Etoiles" and "Mademoiselle – edith" and the German on the melanchonic "Deine augen" (its beginning remember me some atmospheres of the latest Franz Ferdinand album). Opening with the Crowleyan sentence "Every man and every woman is a star" (in French "Chaque homme, chaque femme est une étoile"), "Etoiles" is something more of an intro and it introduce the audience to a multifaceted album. The songs are perfectly built with cool melodies and rhythms and the album convinced me immediately. It is impossible to stay immobile when you listen to the punk influence of "Furori sacrum" (there are no guitars but the 4/4 drums and the energy are the same) or "1000 lies", the Italo disco of "Flashy pretty girl", the electro pop of "Get to know the girl" (featuring Bitch Lap Lap on vocals it is a song that Madonna would have if only she knew the Hypnolove!), the indie feels of "Party pooper" or the sensual cover of the 1979 Kiss’ hit "I was made for loving you", here slowed down and still full of charisma. Produced by Julian of Tekel and Renaud Letang (already producer fomr Gonzales, Jane Birkin, etc) EUROLOVE is a perfect album that celebrates late 70s, early 80s with a modern flavour. Perfect!


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