Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Artist: HEADMAN (@)
Title: On
Format: CD
Label: Gomma (@)
Distributor: Caroline
Rated: *****
Robi Insinna a.k.a. Headman and Manhead is a successful dj which since the early 2000 is rocking the dancefloors. During the last period he’s touring with Soulwax as their official tour dj as well he did many remix for Franz Ferdinand, Royksopp, Yello, Anne, Mylo, Scissor Sisters, etc. The respect he gained during his career allowed him to have on his second full length many guest singers, so ON features: Anthony Roman (from Radio 4), Stephen Dewaele (from Soulwax), Tara, Anton Spivac, Matt Safer (from The Rapture), Ed Laliq, Ben Rymer and Erol Alkan (from Trash). The album contains twelve tracks that mix indie rock urge with dancefloor taste. To tell the truth I was expecting something more electronic and less rock oriented but it seems that Robi wanted the album to be enjoyed also at home and he concentrated the will to party for the remixes you can find on the three singles taken from the album: "Roh", "Moisture" and the upcoming "On & on". Listening to tracks like "Balearica" it seems to hear the Kills affected by a soul fever with electronic arrangements. It sounds nice but it sounds also a bit too MTV oriented.


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