Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Title: Freckle Wars
Format: CD
Label: Carpark (@)
Rated: *****
If you know Carpark via its melodical droned or electronic releases read carefully 'cause this not the classic product of their catalogue. Ecstatic Sunshine is well recorded and sometimes also really brilliant but this could be easily described as a modern guitar driven indie-rock record without drums. The funny thing is that this’ really far from being an acoustic or a slow release based on ballads: most of the songs have a pounding rhythm and the song structure give space to many accelerations. The music is rather relaxing but sincerely in most of the cases I've had the impression I was listening to some well recorded rehearsal tape or even worse to some Jad Fair solo release without the sick genius of the ex Half Japanese member. Imagining a solid drumming embodied in this "Freakles Wars" and it could bring to mind a sort of mix between softest Don Caballero ("What burns never returns"), American Football/Joan of Arc, indiest Sonic Youth and perhaps Modest Mouse. Sure this’ by some means unconventional in its guitar-only essence, it could also be the new episode of the Subsonic series of Sub Rosa if you remember it, but unfortunately it's not. Not bad, but you'd better give it a listen before buying it.


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