Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Artist: Legion Lost (@)
Title: Neotrauma
Format: CD + DVD
Rated: *****
Baltimore, Maryland's own four piece black goth and rock band Legion Lost is making noise in their hometown and gained attention. If you hear this band, you probaly think they're white. Their music is a cross between goth and progressive rock. More rock than goth though, but they're terrific and knows how to please the audience. The band's lead singer, Raven Black, who wears dreadlocks and white paint on his face, his vocal skills is a reminder of a lot of rock singers, even when he's singing in high pitch. The quintet rockers debut "Neotrauma" ep is based on total aspect issues we face everyday, which also includes the singer's personal life experience. The cd kicks off with "Sorrow's Carnival" that sound like metal. Heavy guitars going on in a mad rage. The track "Arise" is on the alternative rock edge, which sound like it can be played on the college radio stations. My favorite "My Eclipse" is a deep song about us people in general living in a society working like slaves and blinded by the lies what the government tells us. Also finding the animal spirit. In other words, finding one's true self, which we are lost because of our government deception. The love song "This Allure" can be a mainstream & Billboard number one rock hit. Reminds me of major rock bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Metallica, and others. The final track "Sister Rage", another favorite track of mine, puts me in the reminder of early 90's Seattle's garage band icon Sound Garden. Definitely a hard rock killer song that talks about destruction and death. The song starts mellow than gets louder after the first verse is sung.A dvd is included. The disc shows the band's live playing performance, attacking and talking about Bush and his advisors, who's causing a lot of problems as well in the United States and other countries, among its people and causing us to spend more money and taxing us too death. And a discussion on war, which isn't necessary that President Bush pushed and caused many many soldiers to lose their lives for nothing. And it's only because he wants to control the oil.Legion Lost lyrics and their music itself represents well to be accepted. The production is clean, crisp, and well produced. All five tracks will certainly draw you in for attention, especially if you're an alternative and a rock fan.


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