Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Les Boucles Etranges / Mem Pamal / Yann Richet
Title: Traveller Tcheque
Format: 2 x CD + DVD
Label: Electro Lab Factory/Ozore Age (@)
Distributor: Play it Again Sam
Rated: *****
Paris-based Ozore Age label, as well as their offshoots Vision Alternative, Electro Lab Factory, Xunk, E-beat, were founded by two French partygoers/DJ/graphic artist/promoters (Yann Ichbiah and Christophe Martin) who have since been releasing albums, promoting artists, organizing events and feeding venues and audiences some of France's best and least commercial techno music.This release sort of pays a tribute to the movement that has shaped people like Yann and Christophe, and does so by offering you the re-release of one of the most important cassette testimonies of the free party movement, a more recent live mix as well as a DVD with a movie that documents one of these nomadic party crews.The "Traveller Tcheque" film, includes footage documenting the itinerant efforts of an international troupe of youngsters that left France with a van, a bus and a Citroen to ride through Rumenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, organizing music, performance art and dance performances in venues, open air fields, city neighborhoods and such... It's a pretty interesting documentary, that definitely breaths rebellion and alternative life-style throughout every minute...When the free party movement started in the UK (with illegal raves taking place in every possible abandoned spot the city or the countrysides had to offer, with riot police shutting them off occasionally, with quasi-political anarchist agendas such as Hakim Bay's "T.A.Z." and everything else that came along with them...) it quickly spread out to the rest of Europe... I personally remember attending one of these parties in Switzerland in an abandoned airport... The vibe in the air was awesome. People were dancing and partying, high on music (and a few other things here and there of course...), well into the whee hours of the morning. In 1996 one of those parties, called "La Luciola", became sort of a milestone in the French scene and its music was released in a 200-copies limited cassette tape. For those who have heard about that mytisc night but never had listened to those tapes or even for those who actually were there to experience French techno history being made, comes this triple-disc release, where one of the CDs is just that! The other CD gives you an insight at what is left of the free party movement 10 years later. Mem Pamal recorded his "Precursub 057" party in 2005, while riding the wave of his double CD success, earlier in 2004, called "Longueurs d'Ondes" (also released by Electro Lab Factory/PIAS). His hypnotic blend of trance, minimal hardcore-techno and drum'n'bass will fit into almost any environment you'll decide to play this, just as it was meant during its creation.This entire disc has a great archival and documentary value attached to it and I recommend it to those who have left some of their youth and some of their good days at those parties, or simply to those who are into the European techno-scene.


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