Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Artist: AGF.3 + SUE.C (@)
Title: Mini Movies
Format: CD
Label: Asphodel (@)
Rated: *****
Agf.3 and Sue.C are two girls, the first one coming from Germany and the latter from USA: AGF aka Antye Greie calls herself e-poetess or powerful poemproducer. She works mainly as a vocalist, musician, producer. Since 1996 permanently based in Berlin she was born and raised in East Germany. She developed an early interest for music and poetry and philosophy and recently she is been exploring speech and spoken word into electronic music. Sue Costabile is a video artist/photographer and she works mainly in live improvisational settings. In the past she collaborated with Joshua Kit Clayton, Wobbly, Sutekh, Luc Ferrari, Morton Subotnick, Vladislav Delay, Naut Humon and many other people. MINI MOVIES is their latest project that is divided in two parts: visual (with the release of a DVD) and audio (with the release of the CD I'm reviewing). The DVD contains a collection of shorts, alternate soundtracks, subtitles, an interview and making of. Filmed in New York, Long Island, Berlin, London, San Francisco and elsewhere, it is a travel diary that explore connections, within humans and within facts. The CD contains nineteen electro poems which represent a little story of two people. Each track is a little moment that describe the feelings of the characters. See for example an excerpt of the writing that tells their story: "he continues traveling and departing and the optimistic dreaming of white marzipan and then as soon as he steps off the train starts to feel suddenly unconfident (disaster) expecting the worst and scary things to happen (presentiment) and when he arrives in geneva and his girl friend doesn't hang out with him and is real mean...". The tracks linked to the writing excerpt are "Everybody is a disaster" and the following, "Presentiment". Musically the duo take inspiration from ambient, jazz and experimental minimal electronic. In this way the nineteen tracks sound like little personal moments where the ambience sound take form and tell a story. It's like the walls of a room would be capable of talking about everything they saw: about all the human desperation and about all the human weaknesses. The recitative vocals duet with complex sound structures song shaped, creating sound sculptures that sometimes need a visual counterpart to be fully appreciated.


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