Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Title: toi et le son
Format: CD
Label: Einzeleinheit (@)
Rated: *****
Tobias Fischer (that's the man behind the moniker Feu Follet) put out a two suite cd that should be interesting for all those who love projects out on Taalem or Mystery Sea. "Toi et le son" makes me think to musician like Amon, Cria Cuervos and above all Asmus Tietchens even if Feu Follet is more melodic and...can i say "new age"? (and above all less dark than the the musician I've mentioned), but that's the picture. the front cover describes perfectly what you're gonna experience during the half an hour listening of this: sit down, relax your muscles and close your eyes. The music of Tobias Fisher is really crepuscolar but not yet dark, it evokes icy landscape beaten by the weak light of the northern sun. I imagine that many of you will be complaining about the "new age" definition, but it's mainly referred to the biological evolution of the sounds and to the fact it's a relaxing listning but don't take it too litterally. Feu Follet is a good cd that probably sticks to tight to the sound you would expect from a record like that, but after all that's the problem of many artist of the genre. I've listened to this record while working and while reding and the effect is damn relazing, everything becomes slow and you sink in it turns into an amniotic bath. Softest Nurse With Wund are behind the door.


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